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About the Doctor


Dr. LéShon Peart graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. She went on to pursue her medical career and finished at New York Medical College. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Peart completed her fellowship in research with Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL. During her fellowship, she focused on functional medicine and its natural effect on patients. Upon the completion of her fellowship, Dr. Peart began her career working at a research supplement company for several years. Dr. Peart had the ability to merge her expertise in medicine, research and natural functional medicine.



Through her busy days, Dr. Peart loved to enjoy a cup of fragrant loose-leaf tea. As she sipped on her tea, Dr. Peart engaged in educating patients, family, and friends on the importance of taking supplements. Being a peer review researcher herself, Dr. Peart respects the thousands of research studies that support the importance of supplements and maintaining a healthy quality of life. Dr. Peart desire is to help people enjoy a healthier lifestyle. She wanted to create a product that would be beneficial for everyone. Dr. Peart aspired to formulate an organic loose-leaf tea, full of delicious flavors infused with herbs, vitamins, and nutrients.



Dr. Peart is excited to have created her organic functional tea line, TeaRoyaal. The idea of TeaRoyaal was birthed from a God given dream she had one night. Dr. Peart woke up remembering that she marveled over holding a new innovative tea in her hands.



Dr. Peart’s theme for TeaRoyaal is Healthier Living One Sip at a Time. It is truly her passion to help people enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Life is not forever on earth, so eat, drink, work, and enjoy the Life that God has blessed you with healthily.

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